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Although domestic violence often refers to physical pain and violence, it can also refer to abuse, threats, and intimidation. This abuse occur between any two people who are in any type of close relationship, such as romantic partners, ex-spouses, two family members, and even two roommates. When physical violence or threats are being used to intimidate or control you, it may be time to hire a Paoli family attorney to represent you. You deserve to feel safe and not fear for your life or the lives of your children at any time.

There are a number of different ways to determine if you are the victim of domestic violence or domestic abuse. If your partner, spouse, or the person in question has ever damaged your property, home, or hurt you while they were angry, you may need to consider getting a Protection From Abuse order, commonly referred to as a restraining order. At Snyder Family Law, I support my clients and help them to collect evidence of abuse in order to get the necessary protection.

Signs of domestic violence may include:

  • Physical harm to you or your children
  • Threats of violence with or without a weapon
  • Stalking you or trying to intimidate you

Filing Orders of Protection for Clients in Need

If you are fearing for your safety or the safety of your children, you should not waste any time before retaining the services of a skilled and caring Paoli family lawyer. At Snyder Family Law, I understand just how intimidating and scary it can be to deal with a spouse, loved one, or individual who has hurt you.

It can be scary to report them if you think that there will be repercussions for you. However, it is important that you take action to ensure that you and your children will be protected from their tactics. You need to ensure that any further abuse against you, your family and children stops now.

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